Most Preferred Travels by Private Jet


Most Preferred Travels by Private Jet


Mykonos, also known as Greece’s Ibiza, is a very cosmopolitan island with a nightlife you’ve never seen anywhere before. Mykonos, an island that has managed to fascinate its visitors with its connection to mythology, windmills lined up throughout Little Venice, the heart of the island, Chora, and extraordinary structures, is also a perfect route for solo travelers in pursuit of adventure.


You can immerse yourself in the island’s culture and mirror its history by visiting the historical and archaeological sites in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus through guided tours. In addition to its history, you can enjoy both the sun and the local cuisine on its beaches that embrace you.


In Doha, on the Arabian Riviera, you can be fascinated by the spread of prosperity throughout the city and discover the Islamic culture. With desert safaris, you can enjoy a different environment both day and night. You can shop at the traditional market in Souq Waqif and enjoy Qatari cuisine and historical sites.


With its historical atmosphere, Moscow offers a small escape to the 13th century. Red Square is visited by many visitors every year, including the Kremlin Palace, St. It is visited by thousands of tourists to see authentic Russian architecture such as Basil’s Cathedral. You can visit the Lenin Mausoleum, where the world’s most famous mummy is among the most visited ones in Moscow, and enjoy the historical tour offered by the capital, and take a journey from the 13th century to the Cold War.



A city that embraces everyone…

With its historical sites, ruins and magnificent beaches, Antalya is full of sightseeing spots where both history buffs and beach enthusiasts can have a great time. Visitors to the city have the chance to explore the maze-like historical city center, do white water rafting, cool off at the Düden and Manavgat waterfalls, and enjoy the Mediterranean climate and feel the sun and warmth.


Bodrum, Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, has its own charm as it offers the chance to take a quick trip to Halicarnassus, the Greek Islands and experience the excellent nightlife in Gumbet. Since Bodrum is a leading holiday destination, visitors can enjoy a perfect holiday not only by taking advantage of the golden beaches in the town, but also by the beaches around the Bodrum peninsula.


A city where east meets west…

Offering a wide historical experience from Roman to Byzantine and Ottoman, Istanbul is also home to many cultures, ethnicities and religions with its unique mystical atmosphere. In Istanbul, you can enjoy changing continents in 15 minutes with a unique view on the ferry, you can shop at the Grand Bazaar where everything is oriental and original, and you can enjoy the historical texture by cycling the Islands.


Dubai is the event hub of the region, where you can enjoy unforgettable desert safaris and be enchanted by the contemporary art and Miracle Gardens that surround the city. You can enjoy luxury and comfort in Dubai, which offers the best dining and accommodation experiences with its Michelin-starred restaurants and concept hotels, as it is a very active and lively city.

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